Monday, March 26, 2012

Why I Give Back - Inspiring letter from a Clarkson student

Wow! I just received a letter from the recipient of the Clarkson scholarship I created and am feeling so overjoyed, I just have to share...

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Although this young woman is only a sophomore, there really is no better feeling than knowing my donations have helped a student, originally from Tibet, attend Clarkson and get the foundation she needs to be successful and eventually provide refugees in India with better facilities. Whether she single-handedly provides refugees with better health care or makes a small impact on their living conditions, I don't care. The outcome make this world a better place. 

The intrinsic value of feeling like I'm making a difference is incredible and totally worth every penny!  (and all I did was redirect the money I spent each morning on my vanilla latte and egg sandwich at Starbucks ;) ) I couldn't get this much value from a new designer handbag, first class airfare, or Stanley Cup hockey tickets. 

This scholarship is just one of many that alumni and Clarkson supporters have set up that makes a direct impact on a current student (and provides instant gratification). And believe me, it does make a difference. Did you know...

100% of students admitted to Clarkson receive some kind of financial aid

That's right, 100%. With the national average tuition for a 4 year private institution at $32,184, Clarkson is doing it's part to make higher education more affordable. Of course the institution needs to stay competitive with the likes of RPI, RIT, WPI, Carnegie Mellon, and Lehigh. But none of them are offering all students some sort of aid. And it's not because Clarkson is taking the runt of the litter.

Clarkson's applications have grown 81.9% from 2005 - 2010
 Only 2 others of 16 peer institutions had higher growth

Clarkson is maintaining and increasing it's ability to be selective and still provide affordability to families. And we know not all families qualify for government aid, so where does the rest come from? The proud alumni and Clarkson supporters that know the value of a Clarkson education and believe in investing in our future.

To learn more about how you can give back, visit:

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